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Our Story

In 2015, Thousand Dreams was initiated as a start-up project by the NGO STOP, with a two-folded mission at its core: Firstly, the organisation provides a supportive environment for the training, employment and entrepreneurship of at-risk women. Our particular focus lies on women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and survivors of abuse and exploitation, specifically training them in garment design and stitching techniques.

Secondly, Thousand Dreams acts as both a marketing platform and a brand for the affordable apparel and hospitality sector, owned and led by first-generation women professionals. We thus empower our beneficiaries to amplify their talents in a commercial space and create livelihood opportunities for themselves. Ultimately, Thousand Dreams aims to evolve from a partnership to a privately limited company, thus helping to transform the lives of numerous women along its journey.

From the very beginning, we have been closely cooperating with partners both from India and overseas. Together we are working on our mission of producing and marketing sustainable fashion - but also spreading awareness of the many injustices in our society and economy and contributing to educating future leaders in the fashion industry. Since 2016, we have been partnering with the German fashion label Azadi in creating and producing yearly collections for the European market. Also part of our extended network are the fashion school in Nuremberg/Germany and the NIFT-TEA college in Tirupur, whose students provide yearly new designs and styles as a part of their curriculum.

The theme around Thousand Dreams runs in an empowering tone with the brand specialising in all apparel wear including men, women and children. Production functions on the objective of refining the skill set of the trained beneficiaries who make everything on their own, within our production unit as per their training. In terms of product type, Thousand Dreams has a flexible range but inclined more towards Indo-western taste.


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